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  1. Strider
    Glad that winter is coming...
  2. Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh
    Life is a ticket to the greatest show on Earth!
  3. Jack Martin
    Jack Martin
    Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a web development, design & SEO company in Sydney, Australia.
  4. Trish Thornhill
    Trish Thornhill Lurch
    Hi Lurch
    We met a few times through Dids and Justin. Craig helped me buy a 97 Suzuki GSX250 and teach me to ride. I then worked OS, the L's expired, and my mentor left us. The bike is sentimental but rego lapsed last year while OS. It needs to be ridden. Ideally I would like to sell it cheap to one of Craigs friends so they (or the club) can profit from it.
    1. Trish Thornhill
      Trish Thornhill
      Can we chat offline on how to arrange that. trish.thornhill@gmail.com
      Jan 10, 2017
  5. arson14
    theres always room for more ______
  6. Datsun
    On the road again
  7. lucifer_mr2
    I think I need another bike.
  8. SV1KS
    SV1KS suspensionsmith
    Please read the next three posts as one (420 character limit per post - who knew):
  9. SV1KS
    SV1KS suspensionsmith

    Thanks for your efforts on setting up the suspension on my SV1000S this morning. After your ministrations, I went immediately to refuel and to set the tyre pressures as you recommended (within half a psi at least). I then headed up the Cotter/Brindabella Rd and whilst en-route I was sensitive to the movement of the bike, trying to pick subtle differences in the handling.
  10. SV1KS
    SV1KS suspensionsmith
    There was no doubt that the bike was more comfortable on the straight stretches, however, the big difference revealed itself once I made it to the tighter bends. Here I noticed an immediate improvement on the first and each subsequent corner. The SV now handles so much more predictably, it tips in and holds a tighter line with ease and is more forgiving of mid-bend bumps.
  11. SV1KS
    SV1KS suspensionsmith
    I found myself cornering quicker than on previous rides, without actually trying too hard to do so. I am absolutely convinced that suspension set-up should be one of, if not the very first thing considered after purchasing a new bike.

  12. SV1KS
    Bimota taste on an SV budget
  13. Strider
    Currently experiencing 1st world problems
  14. Jimmc
    Jimmc Lurch
    Hey Lurch, I am no IT person but what do I put in the Ground zero site to post a story it asks for my URL??
    1. Lurch
      Yeah; thats not very usable, is it?
      Mar 11, 2016
    2. Lurch
      Mar 11, 2016
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  15. lucifer_mr2
    One broken bike, one running bike, still need more.
  16. lucifer_mr2
    Two broken bikes, what fun. This is why I need 3, maybe 4.
  17. Strider
    Strider Lurch
    Hi lurch,
    Is it possible to change my username to my actual nickname rather than the madeup one I just stuck in when I signed up? I know its a pain to do but I would be indebted to you
    1. Lurch
      Can do - just PM me
      Feb 20, 2016
  18. SGC
    Minds are like parachutes, they only work when open
  19. SGC
  20. littlejohnnywhoop
    Keen for a Saturday group rides?