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Asus Z87-A motherboard - needs haswell (not refresh) cpu

Discussion in 'Geeks on Bikes' started by Stiffman, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Nov 28, 2007
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    VTR1000, CB 250
    OK, so when I built my new PC last year, i was an idiot, and bought a motherboard that supports the haswell refresh CPU's, but only with a firmware update, but you need a original haswell CPU in it to do that. damn it.

    I realised this after a bit of stuffing around. At the time I needed the PC operational for a time sensitive task (an assignment that needed rendering), so I ended up just buying another motherboard to get me going

    so, now i have this motherboard sitting here, with its used by date slowly ticking away. I'm of two minds about it. 1). try and source an orginal haswell CPU to throw in it, put it in a case, and do something with it (our media center laptop is starting to show its age. Or 2). sell it or give it away. its no use sitting here doing nothing.

    so my question to the computer enthusiasts here on CR, does anyone have a non refresh Haswell CPU sitting around they want to get rid of, or is anyone interested in this motherboard?

    I guess this is kind of a FS / Wanted post, but seemed more appropriate in the geeks forum

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