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[VIC] Arthurs Seat

Apr 22, 2014
[VIC] Arthurs Seat
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    I've been down in Melbourne for the last 5 weeks for work and have been bikeless the whole time. I did, however get to go for a quick ride with a mate of mine on a road which could quite possibly be one of the tightest roads in Australia. Although it's not an incredibly long ride, it was damn fun. The place is called Arthurs Seat and is down in the Mornington area between Rosebud and Mt Martha, the loop we did was the map below

    The views from the top were absolutely amazing and hope to do it again before I leave. If your ever in Melbourne, make the trek out there, it's certainly well worth it!! :rockon

    43km (according the google maps)
    46mins (according to google maps)
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