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[ACT] Cotter Loop to Point Hut Xing via MoonRock

Apr 22, 2014
[ACT] Cotter Loop to Point Hut Xing via MoonRock
  • The basic loop around the western edge of Canberra. Road surface is less than desirable and often is littered with gravel/sand debris - so be careful, especially after recent rains.

    A. Northern side of Cotter Loop. Shade can be found to the left of the roadside when heading west on Cotter Rd.
    B. Cotter Dam. A popular 'mid point' meet location. Shaded car park area to the right after crossing second bridge.
    C. CDSCC Car Park. "Tidbinbilla Tracking Station". Location of Moon Rock Cafe, and awesome Ice Coffee's.
    D. Point Hut X-Ing. The Southern end of the Loop. Shaded area in the carpark on southern side of causeway.

    1 hour


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