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Finding parts for your motorbike

Jun 9, 2014
Finding parts for your motorbike
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    Let's say you need to find some parts for your motorbike. Here are some useful resources that can help. What I have recommended here are places I have personally dealt with, although I have listed all of the local guys despite having not used all of them. Comment or edit this post if you want to add information. Note that these recommendations still don't mean we warrant the work or parts from these places.

    0. Canberra and surrounds workshops and parts places
    (ordered in sort of north to south, focussed mostly on places that can sell you parts and accessories rather than just being a service centre)
    Service places are listed and discussed in

    Bruce's Motorcycle Repairs, Mitchell
    Service and tyres
    3/44-46 Grimwade St Mitchell ACT 2911
    (02) 6241 1175

    Moto Central, Mitchell
    Scooter focussed but also Hyosung dealer. Servicing, sales, some gear.
    12 Sandford St Mitchell ACT 2911
    (02) 6162 2660

    Moto Garage, Mitchell
    Parts and accessories, servicing, tyres, dyno tuning.
    8/91-93 Grimwade St Mitchell ACT 2911
    (02) 6162 2031

    Joes, Fyshwick
    Canberra's only local motorbike wrecker. Dealer for Yamaha. Parts, accessories, clothing, tyres, 2nd hand parts, servicing and bike sales.
    15-17 Collie St Fyshwick ACT 2609
    (02) 6280 6703

    Canberra Motorcycle Centre, Fyshwick
    Canberra's largest accessories and motorcycle sales area. Dealer for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Ducati and a few other brands. Tyres, parts, accessories, clothing plus bike sales.
    30 Ipswich St Fyshwick ACT 2609
    (02) 6280 4491

    Robbos, Fyshwick
    Harley dealer plus carry a heap of accessories and tyres more focussed on cruisers. Parts, accessories, tyres, servicing, bike sales plus dyno tuning also available.
    281 Canberra Ave Fyshwick ACT 2609
    (02) 6280 6939

    Dahlitz, Queanbeyan
    Suzuki dealer and carry parts and accessories plus tyres. Parts, accessories, tyres, servicing plus bike sales available.
    28 Yass Rd Queanbeyan NSW 2620
    (02) 6299 0028

    El Wazza Industries
    Carries bits for little Chinese bikes, Lifan motors and that sort of stuff.
    Shop 2/16 Fisher Shops, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2611
    (02) 6287 3011

    Tuggeranong Motorcycle Centre, Tuggers
    Accessories, servicing, parts and tyres.
    4/347 Reed St S Greenway ACT 2900
    (02) 6293 1010

    1. OEM Part Numbers and Parts
    Sometimes with motorbike parts, having the part number is half the battle. It also lets you find out what parts might crossfit from other models, so it lets you widen your search.

    There are lots of OEM parts suppliers around, or at least places you can look up OEM part numbers to compare with prices from dealerships etc. This said, if you buy parts for your bike and get someone else to fit them, it is your responsibility to make sure they fit. You also take on the risk if they need to be returned, especially if you have bought them from overseas. Consider very carefully if you want to take on this risk, and also if it is even worth doing.

    CMSNL: CMSNL is a good resource especially for the older bikes. They have parts diagrams for a heap of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha models.

    PartZilla: PartZilla do a heap of American delivered models and quads.

    If you have a Ducati, Ducati are pretty good and supply parts diagrams for their bikes on their website. and look for "Spare parts catalogues"

    2. Cross-fitting brake, clutch and sprocket information
    Finding cross-fitting brake, clutch and sprocket information can be difficult.
    Sprockets: Go check out the catalogue from JTs:
    From this you can look up part numbers and then find other models that use these sprockets. This can be really useful for finding aftermarket sprockets for less common bikes. The part numbers are specific to JT sprockets but you can at least find out what front and rear sprockets fit and then what bikes they go on.

    Brakes and clutches: The simplest option is to use the EBC catalogue. I have attached this as a zip file which contains an excel file. This is current as for 2012/2013. You can also get this from
    Again, by using the EBC part number you can look for other models that use the same brake or clutch components, then look for other options.

    3. Aftermarket bits
    So many sellers, not enough time. It's a bit model specific and also depends what you're after. Shopping around can be useful, including ringing all of the local guys listed at the top.

    3. Used parts
    The best place for used parts for a lot of bikes is ebay, though quality can vary and make sure you check the feedback of the user selling it. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. Sometimes it can pay to visit specific ebay sites for countries (e.g. or and then ask sellers on there if they will post to Australia.

    Another good opportunity is to look for motorbikes that could be wrecking on Gumtree.

    Locally, the best classifieds is allclassifieds although their motorbike parts and accessories are a bit scant.

    If you're looking for bits from a wreckers, one of the best resources is Findapart. This lets you put in information about the bike/parts you want and emails a number of wreckers around Australia. They will get back to you with what they have available - give it some time, most wreckers open early and close early and only operate on weekdays, so firing off a request late on a Friday night might take a while. Let a few options get back to you and then play them off, or, call them directly and you might get a discount.
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