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Motorcycle Rider Handbooks from across Australia

Apr 23, 2014
Motorcycle Rider Handbooks from across Australia
  • (I could have posted this in the Rules and Regulations bit, but there's a lot more advice in these handbooks than there are pieces of info on the rules for each jurisdiction).

    Here's a collection of the latest (as of late Feb, 2013) motorcycle handbooks from across Australia. I'm going to work in an anti-clockwise direction from the ACT :). All are attached here but I've also tried to link to where they live on their home institute so people can check them.

    Everyone, feel free to edit this article with summaries of contents of the handbooks etc. I've uploaded a couple, others need some downsizing or changing some attachment limits before they'll appear up here in this article.

    I'll do summaries over the next few days but if other people want to have a go - there's a blank canvas for each one :).

    Please see the attachments tab for local copies


    Summary of content:
    * Learner and provisional licence restrictions in the ACT
    * How to obtain your motorbike licence in the ACT
    * Couple of pages on protective clothing (in general terms).
    * Buffering and lane positioning are described in detail
    * Couple of pages on how to plan for cornering
    * Specific motorcycle legislation, e.g. our right to use bus lanes.
    * Roadworthiness and motorcycle penalties.


    Summary of content:
    Almost exactly identical to the ACT handbook, but it has the NSW laws listed.
    Even the cover image is the same with a different graphic design treatment.


    Summary of content:
    * Motorcycle laws in Victoria (note - bus lanes are illegal to ride in in Victoria, but you can park on the footpath, and only 'lane splitting' -- not filtering -- is explicitly mentioned as illeagal.
    * Clothing - good discussion of what features gear you buy should have.
    * Simple descriptions of bikes and their parts, plus a quick discussion of essential maintenance
    * Vision - making sure you can be seen, while also making sure you can see all hazards
    * Lane positioning is talked, primarily for visibility but also somewhat for buffering. Good description of intersections and how to be safe at them.
    * Specific tips for riding across tram tracks.
    * Riding at night tips
    * Carrying people and stuff on your bike and how to deal with it.
    * Dealing with emergencies - being out of control, mechanical emergencies, accidents etc.
    * Tiny bit of info on bike security e.g. disc locks.


    Summary of content:

    South Australia

    Summary of content:

    Western Australia
    WA have their handbook buried on this page:

    Summary of content:

    Northern Territory
    (NT handbook is not motorcycle specific and only mentions them on about 4 or 5 pages)

    Summary of content:


    Summary of content:
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