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[NSW] Canberra - Tumut - Adaminaby - Canberra

Apr 22, 2014
[NSW] Canberra - Tumut - Adaminaby - Canberra
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    This is an absolutely perfect easy adventure-rider's loop - it has tight, slow gravel; open fast gravel; wonderful corners throughout; a section of the Snowy Mountains Highway; then more gravel. And stunning scenery the entire way.

    From wherever is convenient in Canberra, head to Uriarra Rd. Take the Fairlight Rd turn right (there's a few km of gravel on this road) then right again onto Mountain Creek Road (also a few km of gravel). At Wee Jasper Rd, turn left towards Wee Jasper and run through some of the most wonderful corners around here - just don't look down. Don't forget to look at the scenery through here - it's stunning.

    Continue through Wee Jasper. If you need a bathroom break, stop at the reserve just outside Wee Jasper (there are BBQs & toilets here) - it's right before the gravel starts.

    The first few (maybe even 10) km of gravel are fairly tough - narrow road, poor surface, switchbacks, tight corners. After that it opens out into fast gravel all the way until you get to a sign that points both ways to Tumut - one gravel, one tar. Take whichever one - the gravel road is shorter, but no doubt longer (it has some nice corners at the end).

    (The Phoenix Cafe, on the main street of Tumut, is good and always seems to have riders around).

    After Tumut, head to Adaminaby. This route takes you along the Snowy Mountains Highway, and is about 120km of corners, with amazing views the entire way.

    Just outside Adaminaby, turn left onto Bobeyan Rd. It turns to gravel about 5km along, and continues for around 40km. Watch carefully for signs as there are a couple of places you need to turn. This road can be anything from gravel highway to corrugations and ruts, but is wide open and easy to see around.

    The gravel stops just before the Orroral Valley turnoff, and there are more lovely corners right up to the edge of Canberra.

    Note: This is a summer ride. You can try it in winter, but it's likely to be wet and slippery through the gravel sections; and cold & icy on the Highway.




    7 hours (including a short lunch break)
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