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[NSW] Goulburn - Canberra via Currawang Rd

Apr 22, 2014
[NSW] Goulburn - Canberra via Currawang Rd
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    This is a great ride to Canberra from Goulburn (or Wakefield) if you have 10 minutes spare time (compared to the standard Goulburn-Bungendore run).

    If you're in Goulburn, head towards Wakefield Park. Go past Tirranaville and keep an eye out for Currawang Rd on the right (the sign is hiding in trees). Follow Currawang Rd all the way to slightly north of Tarago then continue to Bugendore and Canberra via your favourite road.

    If you're at Wakefield, head back towards Goulburn and keep an eye out for Currawang Rd on the left. Same as above...

    This is a very pretty road. No centre line, good pavement, corners (not anything amazing but better than the alternatives), cows, farms and random pretty things. There's never any traffic and in most places you can see for a long way (i.e. no blind corners).




    Whatever it takes you. About 10 minutes more than straight up Bungendore Rd (according to me - Google maps says it's more)



    The start of the road
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    Into the distance
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    On a good day you can see Lake George (this wasn't a good day)
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