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[NSW] Lithgow - Richmond (Bells Line Of Road)

Apr 22, 2014
[NSW] Lithgow - Richmond (Bells Line Of Road)
  • Description:
    This is a stunning rider's road, with tight curves, sweepers, gorgeous views & wonderful pavement.

    The good stuff starts at Lithgow, with some nice twisties to get up out of town. Then a good mix of sweepers and tighter corners right through to Bilpin. The speed zone is 80 coming out of Lithgow, then up to 100 for a while (which is good, considering some of the corner advisories are 65s), then some more at 80. After Bilpin is mostly sweepers until close to Richmond, where it gets tight again before entering the city.

    Watch out for the Richmond end as there are two 60km/hr speed cameras - one at either end of the twisties...



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