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[NSW] Malua Bay Burger Run - Fed Hwy Start

Apr 22, 2014
[NSW] Malua Bay Burger Run - Fed Hwy Start
  • A good solid half day ride to the coast and back. Mid week runs are best, as you tend to catch traffic that makes it a bit ordinary on Weekends, particularly in summer months. A great ride, but be careful from Pooh's Bend onwards. And for those that didn't know either - it was a point to blow the approach to Qbn/Cbr in WWII should the Japanese invade from the coast.

    A. Starting from the Federal Hwy, leave the ACT and head to Macs Reef Road and then on to Bugendore.
    B. Bugendore regorup is the Caltex normally. Stick to the 50 through town.
    C. Painted Rock. A traditional landmark that normally carries festive or birthday messages. Nearly at Braidwood.
    D. Braidwood regroup is the carpark area at the park in the middle of town.
    E. Pooh's Bend - The start of the REALLY good stuff.
    F. Government Bend. The start of the Hairpins.
    G. End of the Hwy. Turn right at the roundabout and head across the bridge
    H. Carpark Regroup for a Burger Run
    I. The house of the most awesome burgers ever! :D
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