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Other stuff to do when replacing tyres

Jun 9, 2014
Other stuff to do when replacing tyres
  • Originally posted by @DonT

    If you do your own maintenance or if you just want to be thorough, then tyre replacement time is a good opportunity to do a few other things:
    Check wheels and (if fitted) sprocket carrier bearings;
    Check swing arm for play (can be done any time but easier with out the rear wheel) and freedom of movement;
    Check steering head for play, notchy feel (again can be done with the front wheel in place but easier without) while the weight is off the front;
    Clean all the usually inaccessible bits at the rear of the engine etc.
    In some cases the drive chain is more easily cleaned as it can be draped into a suitable tray and rinsed with a solvent (see separate CRWIKI on chain maintenance)
    In this photo:
    you can see the accessibility of items like stand pivots, rear of the engine cases,front of swing arm. This bike gets some amount of use on dusty roads and these areas need regular cleaning. I've also removed and cleaned out (and will grease) the chain adjustment components and have dropped the swing arm from the lower shock mounts to check shock eye bushes and swing-arm freedom of movement.
    The bearing in the sprocket carrier were found to need replacement. If you stick a finger in the inner race of the bearing (where the axle goes) it should turn smoothly and with a little resistance (due to grease),there should be no free play to radial pressure.
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