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Tall person, first bike tips

Apr 22, 2014
Tall person, first bike tips
  • *cough, cough*
    (Cracks Knuckles)

    So your too tall for a 250, hey?
    Let me be of some assistance.

    At 6'7 I've certainly been there. My first bike was a GPX250 - pass. Followed by a Honda NTV650 Revere - Great bike, good for tall people, just try and find one.
    Next up came a SZR660. Not any good at all for a tall person. But I didnt care - I've never ridden a bike *that* fun since!
    Then a GS500 - Better than the 250, but not but *that* much.
    Next was my first big bike - the GPz.

    So, what do I reckon you should get as a first bike? First up, don't think even the worlds biggest, tallest bike is gonna make you look like anything less that a giraffe humping a chihuahua! I currently ride the XJR1200 and look 'marginally less retarded'.
    So the only thing left is to find a compromise on fit, and a bike that you like the look/sound/feel of.
    The cruisers are good. No doubt. And at least in the ACT, we can choose from bigger ones than the XVS650. But I honestly cannot recommend a 300kg behemoth to some one who has just got their L's. Unless you really feel confident enough - I suggest: pass.
    What else we got then?
    The GS500/ER5/CB400 are all *really* good bikes. Solid, reliable, pretty comfy. Plenty of accessories available for all these. BTW, I would also slot the NTV650 in this group too, except its way harder to find etc.
    Other than that, you can pretty much choose from any chook chaser on the market. Most have quite high seats...blah. But you honestly have to ask; "Is this my cup of tea?". For me personally, the answer was 'no'. I've never really had any solid dreams of going off road, and to be honest a Trail bike doesn't make the best road bike... unless you motard it... but then you just end up with a fkn ugly bike that does neither particularly well.
    Another group of bikes I should mention here is the learner legal Dual-Purpose bikes. These include things like the F650 Bemmer and the Kwaka KLE500. Here you get most of the benefits of the trail bikes (seat height etc) yet they still hold the road quite well. You'll still be able to learn good road skills etc, and if you do feel the need to go belting up a dirt road, you can.

    So are you totally confused now?
    I'm not gonna try and make a decision for you, however I've tried to outline some pro's and con's of most bikes from a tall persons perspective.

    But if it was me all over again?
    If I wanted a dirt bike, it would be the F650 or KLE.
    Road bike? KLE, GS500 or NTV
    Sports bike? SZR 660 (if you can find one) or the Hyosung GT650R.
    Cruiser? Take your pick. All are heavy, dont corner like a road bike, blah. But are very cool in their own right, so it all comes down to budget. Cheap? XV1100 (but I think they're ugly as sin). Sky is the limit? Kwaka VN1600. Because; shit, you may as well go all out.

    Here is my final word. If you can afford it, pick up some heap of shit, but registrable 250. Ride the ring off it for a couple of months, Drop it, crash it, do every thing a learner does to a bike. Then either flog it off for the 'next to nothing' you paid for it, or just park it in the shed for when the Mrs gets the riding bug and decides she needs a learner bike. By this time you will have *way* more of a sence of what you really want out of a bike. Trust me, it will take you a couple of months, playing with the big boys, to determine what your fancy really is. (This is probably a good point for *any* first bike buyer BTW).

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