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The Alternate MOST test (ACT)

Oct 28, 2014
The Alternate MOST test (ACT)
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    So we know the P's test (also referred to as the alternate MOST test used to be different in NSW and ACT.

    As of 1 Jul 2012 the ACT Government elected to start using the NSW specs / training / test.

    The Stay Upright website has updated the pdf / MOST test link

    It contains the components of the test, and the specs.

    It is now the same test as in NSW, and yes 'head checks' now attract demerit points in the ACT as well.

    There are a few carparks around that have it marked out... there is a thread outlining where they are.

    The best one is still at EPIC, behind the grandstand off Flemington Rd, and we do run regular Learner Practise sessions to help keep new riders safe, increase their roadcraft skills, and also focus on the components of the test as well. As of early 2013, the operators of EPIC have preferred, however, that we don't practise here so we try to practise elsewhere. The most commonly used place we use (as of June 2013) is a carpark in Queanbeyan:


    Although not a definitive guide to how the test will be run, the general description and points applied for errors in the MOST, is discussed in this document from Tasmania:
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